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The Schmidt MV3 (Microvalve III) abrasive metering valve is the newest innovation in the family of industry leading Schmidt abrasive metering valves. The MV3 offers the proven productivity and safety advantages that Schmidt valves deliver to abrasive blasting operations through the precise metering of abrasive, along with an extended the service life, an improved clean out port, and easy access to wear components for safe, efficient maintenance. Note: The MV3 can be a direct replacement for the MV2, with no need for modification.
  • Service life is extended by enhancements, including:
    - Stainless steel machined body
    - Abrasion resistant steel base
    - Thick rugged steel mounting nipple

  • Overall valve design enhances maintenance efficiency by controlling downtime while delivering precise control of abrasive flow
  • Flanged style cleanout provides easy access to and removal of debris
  • Virtual Position Indicator (VPI™) under the knob allows for quick and consistent abrasive flow setting to optimize productivity
Price: $409.00

    Item #: SM2128-108
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